The most common beer bottles in Germany are the 0,33 and 0,50 liter Longneck, as well as the 0,33 liter Vichy, the 0,33 and 0,50 liter Steinie and the 0,50 liter NRW bottle. In addition, there are several individual bottles and special forms available. For more information please use the database from Ardagh Glass 


Crates are available in several forms an colours. Many forms are not patented and can be used for Your own crate. In Germany, the commonly used crates are 20 * 0,50 liter and 24 * 0,33 liter. Crates with a height of 290 mm are used for the 0,50 liter NRW bottle; the 0,50 liter Longneck bottle needes a crate height of 300 mm. Because new crates are expensive, there is also a possibility to buy used crates and pimp them up by puttimg Your own high quality new labels on it. Theese labels are produced by the companies Carl Hirsch and RAKO Etiketten.


The most common barrel in Germany is the KEG system. KEG`s are availlable in 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 liter volume. There are steel KEG and PLUS KEG established on the market. KEG`s can be ordered also in smaller quantities. But there is also a market for used KEG`s, which are sold cheaper than new KEG`s.

Please contact us to receive a price quotation for new or used KEG`s.